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Balan Gabriel

Think BIG,
Act Accordingly

Welcome to the place where you can see that everything is possible if you put your mind into it. I live by my words and I created everything from scratch and documented everything also because i want to INSPIRE YOU that you can do it also. Remember all the time that WE ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE to make a change, not only for ourselves but for the generations to come.

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I am Balan Gabriel, an serial entrepreneur, in love with the art of DOING and MAKE IT HAPPEN. As you will find out, I am the co-founder of rEVOLUTION Media, The Circle Global, Agende Altfel, Citysport and some other businesses. As I found out in the process my dream is to create a new mindset of 100% responsibility and create a community in the RICH MINDSET that can inspire millions of smart young people achieve their most amazing dreams. Because if we do it together is cooler and better, as I found out on the way the process is so much more amazing if we share the experience and of course push and pull one another. Also the view is cool from the top but it’s lonely if we don’t take others with us.

Great Things, Take Time

In all this years I’ve learnt one important thing and that is, The ones that succeed are the ones that ask for help, because they are willing to admit they need help.

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The Path Until Here

First stop

Automobile industry
The first stop on my journey was discovering the pleasure of working with people and matching them with the car of their dreams.

From traditional business to the moon with social media

A small business becomes known in the entire city of Rome aka the moment I decided to use Hi5 and Facebook to promote the company, which accelerated its growth.


Nothing can stop you when you know what you are passionate about and this was the key phrase when we started rEVOLUTION in Germany, based on the experience and knowledge I had until that moment.

A passion that knows no borders

Even though I decided to move back to Romania, I chose to bring my passion with me. This way, the concept behind rEVOLUTION was brought to help the companies here, even though part of the activity continued in Hannover.

The sky's the limit

When everybody was closing, rEVOLUTION Media was booming! Soon after the company was founded in Romania, my dream started to become reality: we hit more than 20 collaborators and successfully managed over 450 projects around the world.


If you wake up, you better show up, and if you show up you better give 100% because you need to always remember that outside, somewhere there is someone hungrier and more motivated than you.

Are you ALL IN?

Do you know how people working in corporations talk about “being a family” at work? Well, within the rEVO team, this is true, it’s not something to be used in job descriptions just for catfishing new people into joining the team. But the reality is, there are no words to describe what is like to be part of this tribe Gabriel created. I do believe it is the only place where “the sky is the limit” becomes true. As the mastermind behind it, he is the all-in-one man: a true leader, a source of inspiration, the man who has all the answers, the one always ready to help you, to teach you, push your limits, and support you to discover your whole potential. On top of that, he is a true friend and a great mentor. There is no problem in this world for all the solutions he’s ready to find at any moment. 😀 It's enough to be around him for a while, and you will learn what it takes to follow your passion and turn it into a successful story.

Lorena Nichita

Gabriel is that person who, when it comes to achieving a goal, whether it's personal, business related or anything else, he won't stop until he achieves it. Since I started working with Gabriel some time ago, everything I knew before about what success means and the work behind it has been sponged away, set on fire, thrown in the trash, because he helped me really find out what is "behind the curtain". The way Gabriel makes things work is very much about human psychology, and he won't leave you alone until your negative barriers are completely broken and replaced with a successful mindset. I learned from him the meaning of responsibility, prioritization and assumption in business, vital things for the functioning of a system. He is the kind of man you rarely meet in real life, a man that is confident in what he knows and what he wants to achieve, and if you want to know the definition of the word "all-in", go to the dictionary and you will find a picture of him right next to the word. That is the real meaning of being dedicated to your goal and Gabriel is a true mastermind when it comes to succes behaviour.

Alexander Andrei

Gabi is a true business man and a person you always want to be with, in order to understand the way he works and leads a company. He is a mindsetter with the biggest goals, that manages to transform a team into a family.
I feel like he’s an entrepreneur with high standards who wants to help you develop your skills and will always be there to help you.

Adrian Grigoriu


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