Let me tell you a tale about passion, success, dreams turned into reality and revolutionary projects!

Since I was a kid, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. Being raised in a family with several business owners, I wanted to follow the same path. But only later have I found out that there is no real option to learn business in school or to develop entrepreneurial and financial knowledge through the traditional education system.

Being passionate about finances and business, I studied economics in high school, and, later on, I chose a university to continue studying finances. I was eager to learn as much as possible about economics and financial tools, yet not even the university provided me with reliable information. The main reason was that the teachers were theoreticians, but did not do this for a living, so they didn’t have the proper knowledge to offer to their students.

As I wanted to know more, I started my own entrepreneurial journey, so everything I know today is learned by trial and error. In the beginning, I started small, generating income through small activities. Back then, in 2007, I was focusing on selling cars, an activity that basically was the starting point.

After a while, I decided to move to Italy, where after a short period I was offered 30% of the company for which I worked. My experience and managerial skills recommended me and it proved to be a good choice as, in less than 3 years, the company grew at a fast pace: it went from having 1 employee to having 16 employees and a gross income of 1.500.000 euros per year. The secret to this success was the following: as I was struggling to sell something to people who didn’t want to buy from strangers (yes, this really happens in Italy) I understood that you can sell easier pretty much anything if you create a need for that particular product or service or, even better, if you make people get used to having access to your product or service. Basically, we hit the 9000-croissants-sold-per-night milestone.  As I was looking for new means of developing the business, I started using Hi5 and Facebook to promote the company, which made it even more successful as we had new customers incoming from the entire city of Rome.

Even though the company I was running in Italy was constantly growing and of real success, I was still in need of learning management. With a strong sense of organization, I made a list of the 10 best places and activities to develop these skills: universities, internships, corporations, and so on. Naturally, I felt like working in a corporation will help me achieve my goal, so I made a brand new list with 10 of the biggest corporations in the world. 

My goal was not to start from the bottom and spend years until I have all the knowledge, but rather to choose something easy that allows me to focus on the main goal: mastering the art (and science) of management. 

After crossing companies off that list, the best decision I could make was McDonald’s – a place where meritocracy is essential. That is the next step in my journey through life and business took me to Germany, a country that values fairness, contrary to Romania which is full of corruption.

It took me a year and a half to learn the language and in 6 months since I started working there, I became shift supervisor. Another year later, based on my results, I became a team leader and in 2-year time I was supervising the entire activity in a restaurant. During the 4 years of working at McDonald’s, I studied in-depth management and developed my skills and at the same time, I started creating the Rich Mindset and rEVOLUTION Media projects. Once the Rich Mindset was consolidated, I resigned and focused entirely on it. 

That was the moment when I identified a new need: the need of making yourself known, of being explored, and of reaching as many people as possible. The funny part is, I couldn’t find the means to do it through services available in the market. So I created my own solution and that’s how rEVOLUTION Media was born. 

With our success came the first clients as well – people interested in promoting themselves, who were in search of the same things we were looking for. 

At the same time, when I was in Germany, I discovered and mastered a new passion: public speaking. With all the knowledge and experience I had, I was invited as a public speaker to different events and workshops and had the chance to help hundreds of people discover success in their lives and at the same time improve their entrepreneurial and sales skills.

All the money I was making back then I invested in entrepreneurship and personal development, which only made me better day by day.

5 years later, I chose to enter the sales domain, where I broke several records! Being active in this field and having already experience in Social Media, I was eager for this adventure, but continued to invest time and energy in Rich Mindset and rEVOLUTION Media, as I was really passionate to turn these 2 into worldwide known projects. 

The first step that brought me closer to this dream was creating rEVOLUTION Media in Romania, in 2018, my first cross-country project. After so many years spent abroad, I did not know enough people, even though I grew up here and managed a company for several years in Bucharest. Moreover, Romanians weren’t too fond of social media back then and did not fully understand their benefits, so it was a challenge to make our services wanted here. 

Still, with all the abilities developed in the past years, the company grew incredibly rapidly, so by 2019 Alex, my brother, had to come back from Germany to help us. We were only 3 people – myself, him, and my wife – and had dreams so big, that success didn’t have a choice but come into our lives! In a really short period of time, we reached a hundred clients and managed numerous projects and at the same time grew our team. 

And keep in mind that things weren’t happening overnight, we took the necessary time to find the right people to match our dreams and goals. As all of us had enough experience to know that you have to find only people who love what they do, we were mostly looking for drive, passion, and soft skills. 

In less than 2 years, we changed our office, the team had 20+ members and we crossed borders once again, this time to represent small and big companies all over the world. Personal brands, Forbes partners, schools, famous coaches – every one of them relied on us to take their business to the next level.

At the moment, with more than half a million euro yearly income, the company skyrockets its results and we are still here, with the same motivation as in the beginning, hustling all day long. 

During this entire period, I continued my journey as a public speaker, and it was the proper opportunity to know more people, to discover new projects, and to transform my passion into reality.

Projects such as Agende Altfel, Citysport, and Leaders Tribe were the perfect opportunity to combine my knowledge and experience with the things I am most interested in: content creation and organizing, sports, and education.

In the past years, as my desire to help others become successful too deepened, I started a few projects on my own. And, going back to my first passion – economics, I focused on projects that offer both security and accessibility and kept in mind the most important feature that is lacking in today’s traditional systems: education.